6 Style Tips for Dressing up for Party Season

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In this video, fashion designer Simon Chang reveals his tips for dressing up for the party season.

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Once again, our favorite hue is casting its spell over the runway, taking us all to a dark place in the best possible way. In a meeting of trends, black pieces have appeared encompassing gilt and bohemia, resulting in sparkling, unique garments that are altogether ethereal. Dubbed ‘nouveau...
Designers are paying attention to the detail, and then some, with huge buttons, collars and pockets bursting on to the catwalk in recent shows. On jackets, dresses, skirts or coats, these usually functional elements of a garment seem to have undergone a growth spurt and have been catapulted from...
With the festive season starting to creep up on us, it’s time to let yourself sparkle and shine. Luckily, glittery and gilt pieces are one of the strongest runway cues of the coming season. Shimmering skirts, electric dresses and of course beautifully encrusted handbags and jewellery have...